Holiday Art Classes (Singapore)

Wonder how to keep your children occupied this school holidays? Come engage your kids in our colourful holiday art activities such as drawing / painting class, clay class, collage class, canvas painting class etc designed for children / teens / adults age 4 years & older.

September school holiday schedule is out. Look out for programmes below with this tag "Sept 2017" tag

Holiday art, drawing and painting class for children

Drawing & Painting Workshop "Sept 2017" tag

Children will learn to draw & paint using different art mediums and through the understanding of shape, size, proportion & colour scheme (more art techniques / materials we teach). Children will acquire higher artistic confidence, broaden general knowledge and enhance creativity through our story-telling and drawing demonstration of the various subjects.

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Suitable for children age 4 - 12 years.

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teenagers secondary school / college holiday, tertiary students, adults Keppel Bay watercolour painting class

Watercolour Painting Class
(Keppel Bay)

"June 2017" tag

This is a guided beginner class for all painters, with or without knowledge of art. Participants will learn basic proportion & perspective drawing, layering of watercolour washes, blending technique and colour mixing to depict the appearance of the images in the painting.

Suitable for teens age 13 years - adults.

This class is still being offered in our Adult Class, click here for fees and schedule

children school holiday anime Rapunzal sketching class
Anime / Manga Pencil Sketching Class
"June 2017" tag

Attention, Anime / Manga lovers! Here's your chance to exercise your expertise in Anime / Manga drawing. In this class, students will learn to sharpen and enhance their Anime / Manga drawing skills by re-designing the classic beauty, Rapunzel, into Anime / Manga style. Participants will be taught pencil sketching techniques to first draw out the character, then colour-pencil shading and water-colour painting teachniques to complete their drawings.

Suitable for kids, teens & adults age 9 years & above.

This class is still being offered in our Adult Class, click here for fees and schedule

children school holiday Singapore landmarks canvas painting class

Canvas Art
(Singapore Landmarks)

"Sept 2017" tag

Children will each choose a canvas printed with their desired landmark and be guided to paint on them. The canvases are printed with Singapore landmarks which are exclusively designed by My Art Pencil. The designs include Marina Bay Sands, Changi Airport, MRT train and Singapore cable car. Kids can choose a different landmark to paint for every session. These canvases had received overwhelming popularity at our public on-the-spot art jams held at various locations (event pictures). If you had missed those events, don't miss this opportunity to own one of these limited edition canvases. More pictures. You can also purchase these canvases from us, see all designs.

Suitable for children age 6 - 12 years.

Fees and schedule below


Holiday children college class

College Class


This programme teaches children to each create a textured artwork using various craft materials like fabric, felt, sponge, crepe paper, cotton wool, pipe cleaner etc. In this class, children learn through their sense of touch and the way to cut out, twist and crush materials to achieve the shapes they desire. In the process of adding different layers to the artwork, children learn the concept of foreground, middleground and background.

More pictures, SG50 college class

Suitable for children age 6 - 12 years.

Children school holiday dinosaur printmaking class

Print-Making Class
(Spinosaurus / Stegosaurus)

"June 2017" tag

Children will first learn to draft out their choice of dinosaur, then learn to deepen the lines (of their drawing) on the foamboard using a pencil. Lastly, they will be taught the proper way to coat paint onto their carved foamboard and print their image onto a desired surface as their final artwork. In the process of transfering an image from one surface to another, children will see the concept of positive inverting to negative. Detailed image

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Suitable for children age 6 - 12 years.

children school holiday clay seahorse & coral reef class

Clay Class
(Seahorse & coral reef)

"June 2017" tag

Children will learn to mould and sculpture a seahorse and its coral reef using air-dry clay. In the process of decorating their sculptures, children can acquire various kneading, carving and moulding skills. They will also be taught the way to mix different coloured clays into their desired colours and carve details on their clays using various tools to achieve more realistic sculptures.

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Suitable for children / teens age 6 - 16 years.

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Kids holiday Etiquette Class

Etiquette Workshop
(The Art of Communication)

A person who hunches and walks awkwardly can come across as someone with low confidence. Good first impression assures others of one's competency and reliability that are positive assets for success in life. Proper ways of carrying oneself should be cultivated young before the bone structure hardens in adulthood and leaves the bad habits permanent. In this workshop, children will learn the way to project poise & improve mannerism through posture correction, deportment, communication skills & dining etiquette.

Suitable for children age 5 - 12 years.

The holiday class schedule will be out 2 - 4 weeks before the start of every school holidays.

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