Art teacher jobs in Singapore, part-time art teacher

We offer part time art teacher and assistant art teacher jobs at My Art Pencil Singapore. If you have great passion for art and enjoy teaching children, we welcome you to join us. We are constantly looking for talented individuals to expand our art teaching team.

Easter class Paper basket weaving 2 & 4 April 2021. For details, click on Paper basket made by weaving paper tube. Basket weaving.

Paint and brushes used by art teacher for teaching in our children art class




Children Art Teacher Jobs:

- Art Apprentice Teacher (part time only)

- Art Assistant Teacher (part time only)

Kindly send an email to with the following details about you:

1. Name & nationality

2. Photo

3. Age, race, gender

4. Mobile phone

5. Residential address

6. Email address

7. Art or design qualification

8. Highest academic qualification

9. Current and past occupation

10. Experience in art & working with children

11. Some samples of your artwork (please include some cartoon illustration or drawing that are appealing to children)