Drawing / Painting Techniques & Media. (See latest selected artwork on facebook).
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Fruits still life in tempera by Vanity, age 7More pictures

Surfer artwork in tempera, using brushwork technique by Rick, age 10More pictures

Spring blossom artwork in tempera, using pointillism technique by Sharon, age 11More pictures

Witch house artwork in ink, a monochromatic painting by Kym, age 5More pictures

Single colour scheme frog painting in oil pastel and poster paint by June, age 5More pictures

Zentangle creativity exercise by 7-year-oldMore pictures

Flamingo painting in Gouache by Serene, age 8More pictures

Loggerhead turtle painting in mixed medium by Hannah, age 11More pictures

Lotus flower painting using water colour layering technique by Stacy, age 10More pictures

Eskimo in pencil shading by 4-year-oldMore pictures

Soft pastel squirrel painting by Grace, age 10More pictures

Santa Claus in tempera using blending and toning technique by 11-year-oldMore pictures

Painting of racing car in tempera on black paper by 9-year-oldMore pictures

Camel in tempera using warm colour scheme by 8-year-oldMore pictures

Cable car in tempera by 6-year-oldMore pictures

Toucan in poster colour by 7-year-oldMore pictures

Sultan Mosque in oil pastel by 10-year-oldMore pictures

Cool colour scheme whale painting by Jerry, age 11More pictures

Chinese mural painter in mixed medium using brush drawing by 9-year-oldMore pictures

Marina Bay pop-up art for SG50 specialMore pictures

Chimps, finger dotting in tempera painted by Elleni, age 6More pictures

Starry dream, oil pastel on black paper painted by Nikki, age 5More pictures

Composition of art competition artwork by 8-year-oldMore pictures

Acrylic on canvas of Merlion by 11-year-oldMore pictures

Painting on wine box for Father's DayMore pictures

Painting on paper bag for Mother's DayMore pictures

Painting carton box to make trick or treat bucket for HalloweenMore pictures

Painting pizza box to make 3D candy store for EasterMore pictures

Painting on cardboard house to make 3D castle for Children's DayMore pictures

Painting on cake box to make Chinese lantern for Mid-Autumn FestivalMore pictures

School holiday special - painting favourite cartoon characters on sketch book coverMore pictures