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Art class for kids and teenagers: Marine life printmaking class, June school holiday 2023.

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Like us on Facebook logo facebook, follow us on Instagram logo Instagram: get first-hand information on our newest art programmes & curriculum, view our latest selected children / adult artwork display and get updates on our art activities & achievements. Here is a highlight from our social media platforms: a video on shrink plastic lollipops. This class is created for Children's Day and Halloween. Click picture to watch:

Children art classes video: Shrink plastic lollipops class for Children's Day and Halloween.

Children weekly art classes highlights

Drawing animals

If your kids love animals, they will enjoy our art classes because we teach children to draw and paint all kinds of animals. Through our art classes, the kids not only learn about the features, shapes and colours of the animals, they also gain knowledge about the diets, habitats and characteristics of the animals. In our classes, we teach the kids to make use of the different nature of various media to create fur, feathers and texture to their animal drawings and hence, help the kids achieve varying results in their artworks. Click picture below to see more children's artworks from our animal drawing classes.

Children weekly art classes hightlight: badger in soft pastel by a child, age 9, from our children art classes.

Children holiday art classes highlights

Pop up stairs maze

The children learn to construct a stairs maze that can pop up and be flattened. Click photo on bottom left to see the crafts made by the children in the holiday art class.

Clay mooncakes for Mid Autumn Festival

Like bakers, the kids get savvy with kneading as they learn to model clay mooncakes. Click photo on the right to see the crafts made by the kids in the holiday art class.

Pop-up stairs maze craft by a child, age 8, from our children holiday art class Children holiday art classes highlight: clay mooncakes by a child, age 11, from our children holiday art classes.