Halloween art and craft activities for kids

Halloween is the best time for kids to get creative with arts and crafts. At My Art Pencil, our Halloween activities will make Halloween a merry-not-scary festival for the children.

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Halloween pirate ship in corrugated board or cardboard

Pirate ship board craft 2020

Set sail on an adventurous voyage this Halloween and learn to make a pirate ship out of corrugated board. To build this ship, you will learn to construct a helm, put up some sails, draft out a Jolly Roger, attach some ratlines, assemble a crow's nest and form up the ship's hull with some cabin windows and planks. Finally, what is a pirate ship without its treasure? Aye aye captain, each participant will also bring home a treasure chest with lots of gems. More pictures.

Schedule for our Halloween art and craft activity / event will be out 2 weeks before Halloween. This is a one-time activity, we welcome children who are looking for ad hoc activity to join us.




Halloween pirate ship treasure chest with diamonds and gems

Past years Halloween art and craft activities

Still life painting 2018

Halloween still life painting of pumpkin and candle

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Jack-O'-Lantern Tree 2016
Halloween spooky tree with glowing Jack-O-Lanterns collage class
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Lantern painting 2015
Halloween lantern painting for kids
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3D Spooky House 2013
Halloween 3D spooky house painting for kids
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Trick-or-Treat bucket 2012
Halloween Trick-or-Treat bucket painting for kids
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