School Holiday Art Classes (Singapore)

This school holiday, wonder how to keep your children occupied? Come engage your kids and yourselves in our colourful holiday art activities such as drawing / painting class, clay class, collage class, canvas painting class etc designed for children / teenagers / adults age 4 years & older.

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Holiday art, drawing and painting class for children

Children Art Workshop A, B, C
(Drawing and painting)
September school holiday 2021

Children will learn to draw & paint different subjects each lesson using different art media and through the understanding of shape, size, proportion & colour scheme (more art techniques / media we teach). Children will acquire higher artistic confidence, broaden general knowledge and enhance creativity through our story-telling and drawing demonstration of the various subjects.

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Suitable for children age 4 - 12 years.

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teenager school holiday art class, secondary school students school holiday art class

Teen Art Workshop
(Drawing and painting)

December 2020

This is a guided beginner class for teenagers, with or without prior experience in drawing and painting. Participants will learn basic proportion & perspective drawing. Techniques of drawing, painting and shading - such as layering of watercolour washes, blending of dark and light tones, colour mixing, acrylic brush stroke, pencil hatching - will be taught. Through the workshop, participants will strengthen their observation skills and hence, improve their drawing skills.

Suitable for teenagers age 13 - 15 years.

Dragon boat and clown watercolour painting taught in our school holiday online art classes
Online Art Workshop B & C
(Drawing and painting)
June school holiday 2021

This is available periodically and during times when physical classes have to be suspended. These classes are as beneficial as physical classes because students acquire and sharpen skills very much the same as in a face-to-face setting. Like our studio classes, our online classes provide clear step-by-step drawing, colour mixing and painting demonstration. We review students' artworks frequently during the class to ensure drawing proportion, colour shades and painting techniques are met. As online art classes are remote and highly visual, it builds up concentration and independence in a child. We welcome children / teenagers looking for adhoc classes or staying far from us to join this class.

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Heightened alert Jul/Aug 2021: week 1, week 2, week 3

Suitable for teenagers and children age 7 years and above.

Rain vortex of Changi Airport, giant waterfall at Changi Airport

Canvas Painting Class
(Changi Jewel Rain Vortex)

December 2020

This is a guided class for both adult and child painters, with or without knowledge of art. Participants will learn to draw & paint the Rain Vortex of Changi Airport Jewel on canvas with acrylic paint. They will learn basic proportion drawing, blending / brushwork techniques to depict the appearance of the images in the artwork.

Suitable for children, teenagers & adults age 6 years & above.

children school holiday anime Rapunzal sketching class
Anime / Manga painting Class
June 2017

Attention, Anime / Manga lovers! Here's your chance to exercise your expertise in Anime / Manga drawing. In this class, students will learn to sharpen and enhance their Anime / Manga drawing skills by re-designing the classic beauty, Rapunzel, into Anime / Manga style. Participants will be taught pencil sketching techniques to first draw out the character, then colour-pencil shading and water-colour painting teachniques to complete their drawings.

Suitable for children, teenagers & adults age 9 years & above.

This class is still being offered in our Adult Class, click here for fees and schedule

children school holiday Singapore landmarks canvas painting class

Canvas Art
(Singapore Landmarks)

March 2020

Children will each choose a canvas printed with their desired landmark and be guided to paint on them. The canvases are printed with Singapore landmarks which are exclusively designed by My Art Pencil. The designs include Marina Bay Sands, Changi Airport, MRT train and Singapore cable car. Kids can choose a different landmark to paint for every session. These canvases had received overwhelming popularity at our public on-the-spot art jams held at various locations (event pictures). If you had missed those events, don't miss this opportunity to own one of these limited edition canvases. More pictures. You can also purchase these canvases from us, see all designs.

Suitable for children, teenagers & adults age 6 years & above.

Picture 1 & 2: a paper theatre with multi-layer planes as different walls of a cave, three detached cute paper bear-like characters that can be placed in different planes of the paper theatre, some leaves / flowers / butterflies as decorations on the walls of the cave. Picture 3: light is shone from behind the paper theatre to create layer shadow effect like that of a shadow box.

Paper Theatre Shadow Box
December 2019

(Top) Learn to make the walls of the cave into multi-layer planes that form the foreground, middleground and background of the theatre, making it three dimensional. (Bottom left) Learn to make independent and separate paper characters so that they can move and be placed in between different planes, as if performing a play in the theatre. (Bottom right) This craft can couple as a shadow box as the multi-layer walls create layered shadow when light is shone from behind it. Watch video.

More pictures Parent-child programme

Suitable for children age 6 - 12 years, each to be accompanied by an adult.

Collage christmas tree with star bow at the top, beads, reindeers, sequins, butterflies on the tree, mini presents under the tree and colourful snowflakes. The trees come in rainbow coloured, blue / purple / pink / gold / green coloured themes.

College Class
(Christmas tree)

December 2017

What colour scheme do you want for your Christmas tree? Rainbow, blue, purple, pink, gold or green? In this class, participants will each create a textured Christmas tree using various craft materials like beads, sequins, star ribbon bow, mini 3D presents, wired tinsel, pipe cleaner and add snowflakes around the tree using glitter glue. This class allows participants to learn through their sense of touch and teaches them the way to cut, twist, bend and paste materials to achieve the shapes they wish to create. In the process of adding different layers to the artwork, students learn the concept of foreground, middleground and background.

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SG50 college class

Suitable for children & teenagers age 6 - 16 years.

Children school holiday dinosaur printmaking class

Print-Making Class
(Spinosaurus / Stegosaurus)

June 2017

Children will first learn to draft out their choice of dinosaur, then learn to deepen the lines (of their drawing) on the foamboard using a pencil. Lastly, they will be taught the proper way to coat paint onto their carved foamboard and print their image onto a desired surface as their final artwork. In the process of transfering an image from one surface to another, children will see the concept of positive inverting to negative. Detailed image

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Suitable for children age 6 - 12 years.

Clay snowman with light blue stripy scarf and mistletoe black hat, clay wooden bird house with pink / purple / blue cute clay birds

Clay Class
(Snowman & bird house)

December 2017

Participants will learn to mould and sculpture a snowman, his bird friend and a bird house using air-dry clay. In the process of shaping and decorating their sculptures, participants can acquire various kneading, carving and moulding skills. They will also be taught the way to mix different coloured clays into their desired colours and carve details on their clays using various tools to achieve more realistic effects on their sculptures.

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Suitable for children & teenagers age 6 - 16 years.

Picture 1: a ferris wheel made mainly of ice-cream sticks with seats made of coloured large ice-cream sticks. Picture 2: tiny glass owl figurines being placed onto the seats of the ferris wheel. Picture 3: the ferris wheel is placed on a table beside a boy as a comparison to show its large size, the boy is looking at the ferris wheel eagerly.

10th anniversary special

Wood Craft
(Ferris wheel)

September 2018

Back by popular demand, we are offering this June holiday workshop again in the coming September school holiday. Such wood craft workshop is first of its kind at My Art Pencil and we are offering it as a special programme for our 10th anniversary. Participants will be taught to create this ferris wheel by putting together wooden / wood-like materials such as ice-cream stick, disposable chopstick and satay stick. This 13-inch-tall wood craft is a replica of an actual ferris wheel as it operates just like the real thing. Not only has it got functional rainbow-coloured seats that allow you to load your mini figurines, more importantly, it can spin a 360 degree, giving your mini figurines a complete ferris-wheel ride. Watch video.

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Suitable for participants age 6 - adult.

Picture 1: a wheeled ice cream cart with a blue and white stripy fabric as canopy. On the cart, clay cone ice creams on a display stand and different flavours of clay ice cream in the freezer compartments. At the side, a logo and foam sheep cone ice creams as design. Picture 2: enlarged photo of the clay ice creams. Picture 2: freezers covers are placed on freezer compartments and cone ice cream removed to show that they are removable.

Mix Media
(Ice cream cart)
December 2019

Imagine yourself selling cone ice creams with your ice cream cart. This school holiday, we are teaching you to make an ice cream cart using cardboard, foam board, air dry clay, fabric and satay sticks. The cart comprises a canopy, movable wheels, some freezer compartments with replaceable covers and a display stand with some cone ice creams that are detachable. In the class, you will also learn to customise the logo and design of your cart by drawing on foam sheets and cutting them. Watch video.

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Suitable for children & teenagers age 6 - 16 years.

Pirate ship in corrugated board with Jolly Roger, ship helm, ratlines, crow's nest, treasure chest of crystasl and gems.

Board Craft
(Pirate ship)

December 2020

Set sail on an adventurous voyage this school holiday and learn to make a pirate ship out of corrugated board. To build this ship, you will learn to construct a helm, put up some sails, draft out a Jolly Roger, attach some ratlines, assemble a crow's nest and form up the ship's hull with some cabin windows and planks. Finally, what is a pirate ship without its treasure? Aye aye captain, each participant will also bring home a treasure chest with lots of gems. Detailed image.

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Suitable for children & teenagers age 6 - 16 years.

Shrink plastic charms of bubble tea with cute face, unicorn rainbow poop with cute face, poop with cute face, face mask with cute face and viruses.

Shrink Plastic charms
(Bubble tea, poop, mask)

December 2020

This Children's Day event had garnered much popularity that we decide to offer it again this school holiday. We are aware that many students were interested but did not get to join it on Children's Day because the classes were filled up very quickly. Here is a second chance to attend it so remember to register early. The kids will learn to make some charms using shrink plastic. The charm designs include bubble tea, unicorn poop, funny poop and face mask with cute faces. The children have to first draw and colour their desired designs on the shrink plastic sheets. After drawing and cutting, their drawn plastics will be placed into the oven to bake. Their plastics will shrink smaller and thicker after baking. Attached some straps and their charms are completed. Kids can hang these charms on their bags, pencil cases, keychains etc. as ornaments and carry them around. You can't buy these charms elsewhere because they are personally created by the children themselves!

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Suitable for children & teenagers age 6 - 17 years.

School holiday paper basket weaving class using recycle materials such as magazine papers. Mini chick squishy and bunny squishy in the paper woven basket.

Basket weaving

June school holiday 2021

This class combines recycling and crafting to give you a mini woven basket to keep your little things. Participants will be taught the ways to roll unwanted magazine pages into tubes and weave them into a paper basket. To complete their baskets, each participant will bring home a pair of mochi-soft chick and bunny squishies.

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Suitable for children & teenagers age 8 - 15 years.

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